The wild brew's own wild blend coffee - Discover our very own signature coffee blend to use in your own  home.

We like to think our coffee is as unique as our VW coffee camper. 

We use a completely custom coffee blend from our van. It's one that we have personalised ourselves by carefully selecting a blend of hand picked Arabica beans that have a signature velvety body and are bursting with flavour. 

Our coffee has just got more mobile, we have now made our coffee available to buy online.

When we are serving coffee at events, you can grab a bag from the van, Alternatively, you can buy our coffee with a just a few clicks from your mobile by visiting our website. 


As you know all coffee is not the same, when you buy coffee from the wild brew online, you can rest assured that our coffee is far fresher than your local supermarket variety. Fresh is best, it's the key to flavour, our coffee is roasted daily to ensure you get the freshest coffee possible.

    •    The wild brew coffee is made from high-quality beans sourced from 100%                     sustainable coffee plantations.

    •    Beans are expertly roasted and prepared, before being delivered to your door.

    •    All our coffee beans are roasted daily and labeled with a roasted date to                     guarantee maximum flavour and freshness.

Brighten Up Your Morning with a wild brew coffee and order our wild blend today, we promise you won’t be disappointed